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An airtight rewards system

Looking for an airtight system to reward your loyal customers? And saves you time and money? omboka takes all the worries off your hands while you watch from over our shoulder.

A modern rewards-points action

Looking at a rewards-points promotion? You dream it up, Tomboka brings it to life.

An automated rewards system

An automated rewards system that correctly registers and processes enormous numbers of requests in a short time? You’ll find it at Tomboka.

An up-to-date database in Salesforce

Are you looking for a platform on which your customers maintain their own data up-to-date? Tomboka makes it possible!


Brand-new steam generator? Get a free ironing board with it!

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Exchange Nutroma rewards points online. Choose your dream gift!

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How VanIn maintains a database of more than 60.000 teachers on a yearly basis?

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Reward your client and have an impact? This is how you do it:


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Klanten belonen | Tomboka

Create a win-win situation

How do you earn the trust of your new and existing customers? By rewarding them. Discover the Tomboka rewards systems!

Win over your customer’s heart

Let your customer genuinely connect with your brand or product. Would you like to know how Tomboka combines customer experiences and rewards?

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Encourage your customers!

Reward yours customer and earn their trust. Tomboka ensures your rewards action directly hits the bull’s eye.

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