Brand-new steam generator? Get a free ironing board with it!

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AEG chose the Tomboka approach and got a flawless rewards promotion in exchange. Find out all about it.

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At AEG, they go to all lengths to rewards customers. Brought a steam generator home? A Brabantia ironing board will also head your way. Wonder how AEG ran this rewards action so smoothly? Get to know the Tomboka approach!

Thinking up a good rewards campaign costs time, money and effort. But it gives you a treasure trove of valuable client info. A clear and correct system that offers you an accurate overview of all data is a must.

Whoever chooses an AEG steam generator gets a free Brabantia ironing board with it. Thanks to the online app from Tomboka, AEG is looking back on a successful promotion.

Online and clear

The Tomboka experts listened to everything AEG had to say. The result? A simple online application that ensured an ironing board was delivered to the  home of every entitled client.

AEG followed the promotion thanks to the handy dashboard. The status and number of people making a request, the sales points visited and the country where the product was purchased: it’s just a small selection of the data range that is easy to access and always kept up to date.

From request to delivery

Tomboka delivered a ready-to-go application that AEG simply integrated into their website. What happened if a customer clicked on the promotion link via the AEG website? They went straight to the Tomboka app. And from here, our specialists ensured::

  • smooth and accurate client enrolments;
  • the sending of the necessary follow-up and confirmation communications;
  • transport bookings.

Save time and money

The Tomboka app and method offered AEG:

  • valuable customer info bundled into a clear online dashboard;
  • airtight follow-up and correct deliveries.

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97% direct deliveries

The results don’t lie. AEG noted just 3 percent returns, an absurdly low percentage. What does this mean? The cost was so low that AEG decided to plan a follow-up to this promotion.

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