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An automated rewards system

An automated rewards system that correctly registers and processes enormous numbers of requests in a short time? You’ll find it at Tomboka.

Multibrand shopperpromo

Henkels set the tone. Tomboka provides the music

Henkel is a prominent presence on the market. The global player teamed up with Tomboka for its Shopper promotion. Bought two products? Henkel pays you back for the cheapest one.

Our mission? Ensuring the smooth running of a gigantic cashback promotion with more than 20,000 requests and more than 400 participating products in hundreds of stores over a period of three months.

Are you buying two Henkel products? Then you’re reimbursed for the cheaper one. Find out all there is about to know about this gigantic operation and how Tomboka successfully ran it.

Major promotions call for great professionality

The Shopper promotion ran hand-in-hand with masses of client data. The Tomboka experts guarantee airtight data and processing flows of more than 20,000 requests about an assortment of more than 400 products.

We combined that with:

  • Digitalisation of every request, including offline ones, which were checked against their online counterparts to avoid repetition;
  • Reporting to the bookkeeping departments, in diverse countries, in a single action.

Fast, digital, automatic

The ready-to-go rewards system that Tomboka developed for this Henkel promotion offers a great many benefits:

  • Automatic monitoring and permanent quality guarantee: makes manual work largely unnecessary and the risk of error extremely small – even with a large number of requests in a short time span;
  • Fast end-consumer response time of just two weeks;
  • Low total costs: thanks to our pure and efficient control  systems, only those who have the right to a reward receive a reward.

Tomboka’s automated processing system registers, processes and checks all requests. The best guarantee for correct, accurate repayments. And only if the consumer fulfils all the conditions of the promotion. It’s not a luxury when you realise that Tomboka performs hundreds of repayments every day of the promotion period.

Your end-customer is not a number to you. Neither is he for Tomboka. Because
thanks to our digitised and automated
processing system, we quickly and
correctly respond to every consumer
request with a targeted answer.





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Examining hundreds of requests every day and only reimbursing participating products from participating stores. Wonder how Tomboka did it?

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