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Tomboka and Nutroma go digital

Wave goodbye to the saving-stamps system from Grandma’s time. Say hello to online rewards-points promotions with integrated QR codes!

Nutroma your host, Tomboka your barista

Savings cards and loyalty stamps? They don’t belong in this day and age. That’s why coffee-milk specialist Nutroma invested in a modern online rewards-points promotion. Nutroma customers go to the  trusty Nutroma site to enrol. From there, the Tomboka app makes sure everything runs smoothly.

A modern rewards-points promotion? You organise that online. Scan your Nutroma packaging codes and choose the gift you would like to receive. Tomboka does the rest.

From saving stamps to QR codes

Since 2012, Tomboka has been behind the Nutroma rewards-points promotion. But what’s happened? Fewer and fewer customers are cutting out the rewardspoints coupons from the Nutroma packaging. Those who still make the effort only send in their points once they have reached the minimum number for their choice of gift. And collecting 400 points to trade in for your favourite Samsonite suitcase often takes a long time. The result? Nutroma has to wait for a clear overview of who saved at which location and  which products they bought … As such, this info is not put to  immediate use.

Register codes online

Nutroma and Tomboka put their heads together. The result: a modern, online rewards-points promotion. Forget about cutting out and sending rewards-points coupons. From now on, clients enter the packaging codes themselves via the online platform.

Or even simpler: they scan the QR code on the flyer they find with the products. The online system automatically adds the number of points to their current total.

No worries: anyone who is new to the digital world is still able to process the Tomboka rewards-points manually. A combination of online and offline rewards-points is also among the possibilities.

Your guide from a to z

  • Account management through practical customer databases;
  • Creation and management of fraud-proof codes;
  • Processing and sending of gifts earned by collecting points.

A world of difference for Nutroma. The classic rewards-points action that only delivers its useful customer info late in the game has made room for a modern dashboard with instant overviews. It offers Nutroma these benefits:

  • Crucial customer info for marketing and sales strategies: fast and clear overview thanks to handy data downloads and detailed data per product and per region thanks to online geomaps;
  • Online campaign makes it easy to run temporary promotions, such as product promotions, during the
    end of year period;
  • Total control, at every point from the moment a request is received until the reward of the end customer:  service from A to Z.

The magical formula for online rewards-points promotions? It’s what the Tomboka technology is built on. End-customers go to the Nutroma website and register via the online application that Tomboka developed specially for Nutroma.








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+85% have already switched to the online savings platform

Thanks to an efficient collaboration between Nutroma, the advertising agency and Tomboka, all clients who are actively collecting points will use an online account to collect rewards-points through the Nutroma website in the Tomboka app.

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