How VanIn maintains a database of more than 60.000 teachers on a yearly basis?

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VanIn manages the data, Tomboka provides the platform

Teachers changing schools or function. How does VanIn keep the database up-to-date?

Klanten belonen | Tomboka

You don’t just give out your personal data

VanIn has been searching for many years how to have their database maintained by the schools themselves. And also how to enable them to automatically import it in their Salesforce environment.
To achieve this, VanIn came up with a nice reward: a handy pocket diary for all the teachers who wanted it.
A great way to encourage schools to update their data.

Tomboka’s mission? To develop a platform on which schools themselves, using a unique login, can check and update their data.
The school board can add or inactivate teachers and adjust functions.

1 teacher in 2 different schools?
1 teacher with several functions?
Tomboka studied the possible combinations and developed the solution

VanIn asks, Tomboka develops

For VanIn, it was important that the supplied data could be imported 1-on-1 back into their Salesforce environment. Our database analysts went all the way in order to automate this.

After the analysis of the existing database, it was imported and the data underwent an entire audit process. The quality gates predetermined by VanIn were added to the platform and the database was set up so that the schools themselves could check their data.

Tomboka took care of the integration into the VanIn website. Tomboka know-how in a VanIn cover.

  • Easy update of both school and teacher data
  • Crosscheck to other schools and functions
  • Possibility to order fewer calendars than there are teachers in a school

Thanks to the use of already existing data, schools didn’t need to re-enter all data. They only needed to check and adjust where necessary.

From import to export

Thanks to the Tomboka platform VanIn can

  • Safely export data from the online backoffice and import it 1-on-1 into their Salesforce environment
  • Have an up-to-date database with a minimal effort
  • Reward the teachers that want to be rewarded

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+63K teachers

Capturing accurate data from more than 63.000 teachers in more than 3.300 different schools. In total more than 70.000 functions are registered and imported 1-on-1. Thanks to Tomboka VanIn collected the correct information within just a few months.

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