Loyalty campaigns come and go. But one thing stands out: your clients expect a reward for their loyalty.


A cashback is the best marketing weapon in the battle for your customer

Rewarding your client, boosting your business and putting your brand in the picture: with a cashback campaign, you win on several fronts at once.

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Collect and save

Rewards-points promotion = Win customer loyalty

Choose a rewards-points promotion and win your customer’s heart: online, quick and efficient. Discover all the possibilities.

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Show your appreciation with a reward

You choose your rewards. We put them in a flawless technical outfit that suits you and your customer to perfection.

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Innovate by combining

Contact us and build the rewards system that combines your needs with those of your customers.

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Invest in a flawless customer database

An accurate, well-targeted customer database is pure gold. Are you rewarding your customers with vouchers, free products or gadgets? A great way to earn their trust and gain insight into the market through their personal data. In combination with the right sales and demographic data, they offer you a treasure trove of information.

Wondering how pure and accurate your customer database is? Our free database analysis gives you quick, useful answers.


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