Cashback platform

Choose a cashback promotion and you’ll hit two birds with one stone.

The principle is simple: the customer of your  end-client buys a product and gets money in exchange. At least, they do if they enrol for your promotion and follow all the rules. A nice starting point, right?

But how… ?

  • do you lead a promotion like this on the right path?
  • do you maintain an overview?
  • do you avoid unjustified repayments?

When you’re with Tomboka, you do all of this with peace of mind. We fine-tune the technical and organisational aspects of your cashback promotion. You keep your hands free for marketing and sales actions.

What does Tomboka do?

  • Develops and manages your cashback registration system;
  • Integrates the promotion into your website;
  • Ensures there’s smooth processing in your bookkeeping.

Why a cashback promotion?

  • You save money—only those end-customers who meet all the conditions of the promotion receive a reward. Thanks to airtight checks, every complaint is immediately sent straight to the waste bin.
  • Your cashback promotion delivers user-ready sales info, clearly summarised and displayed in the dashboard we design for you.
  • Whether your end-clients claim the cashback or not, you put yourself and your brand in the spotlight.
  • You only reward those clients with a right to the reward, because Tomboka closely checks all promotion data and keeps track of the history for years. This ensures any issues are immediately resolved, long before they turn into disputes.

How do you reward your customers and benefit from it yourself? Choose a cashback promotion! With Tomboka directing, your end-client will shine in the spotlight.





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