Rewards-points promotion = Win customer loyalty

Collecting points is sensible. A lot of people realise this early on. Would you like to reward your customers’ loyalty with a promotion that is guaranteed to appeal to your end-customer? A rewards-points promotion always will. Tomboka offers you technical know-how and collective experience.

A rewards-points promotion presents daunting practical and technical challenges. Overcome them with Tomboka by your side. You dream up the campaign and determine the reward. Tomboka tailors the technical and programmed elements to your promotion:

  • Online dashboard for a quick, accurate overview of participants, products and consumer regions thanks to your online geographic map;
  • A combination of online and offline rewards-points campaigns that respond to your specific request;
  • Campaign management from A to Z: you think of it, Tomboka makes it a reality.

‘Collect points towards your favourite luggage’ or ‘These points are worth money!’ are just a few examples of slogans companies use in their rewards-points campaigns. Research has demonstrated that consumers love them. Why wouldn’t they trade the points they’ve collected for wonderful rewards?

Your benefits in a nutshell

Let Tomboka guide your promotion and you’ll enjoy these benefits:

  • You always have an overview of your promotion, with quick and efficient access to essential customer info: product info (per brand), user data and segmented user overviews.
  • Your rewards-points promotion runs smoothly; Tomboka holds the reins tightly with a process-based approach that guarantees an extremely small margin of error.
  • Today and tomorrow, your rewards-points promotion benefits from the firm foundations on which it is built. Even for long-running campaigns, we guarantee you always have a correct and accurate approach.





Grant your rewards-points promotion a sturdy foundation. You’ll still be reaping the benefits years later.
With Tomboka, you enlist the help of a professional point-promotion partner.

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