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Rewarding someone is showing your appreciation

Show your clients you appreciate them. Reward them.

How does it work? You define what you expect from your client in exchange for a reward that you choose. You also shape the rewards-points promotion.

Have you been thinking about the technical and IT development of your rewards action? Tomboka has.

The IT cherry on your rewards cake

Are you a brand manager, purchaser or do you work for an advertising agency?
Do you have a rough idea or a concept that still needs to be developed? Tell us. Together with you, we will look at how to bring your rewards-points promotion to life with an efficient IT
A few of the benefits that Tomboka
offers you:

  • An extensive dashboard with handy geomaps and easy-to-make data downloads for following up your promotion and making targeted use of client info;
  • Control and management of your rewards-points promotion allowing you to roll out different types of rewards at the same time;
  • Follow-up and support from A to Z thanks to Tomboka’s own IT services, developed by its own specialists and managed by its own operators.

Transform your rough idea into an efficient rewardspoints promotion? Discover the IT assets that Tomboka offers you.








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